Sunday, October 19, 2008

Renew my Licence

By early November my driver's licence is due for renewal.. I am a P2 Provisional  driver  at the moment and if I want to have a full licence by November I have to take a Driver Qualification Test which is a touch screen computer based test to get the full licence... Humm.. but I am not yet ready to take the exams I haven't read the booklet yet ,, so I am quite hesistant to take it this November...
I am apprehensive  because  I've got a friend who took the same exams 5 times now and she failed them all!!! Imagine that 5 times... That puts me off and every time you take the exams you have to pay for it...
My husband said juts do it.. but I guess I cant juts go there without even studying.. That is why I have to quickly go through the site and read a bit about the exams so at least I have an idea on what to expect..
Well,, we just had our car insurance done a few months ago and now another stuff to do.. And by December I have to bring my car for yearly maintenance ... wheww.. I just hope that petrol prices will go down.. its hard to maintain a vehicle...


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