Friday, October 24, 2008

I'll start working again....

I've been going to my hubby's work/ business for the past few days now... and I'm doing a little bit of work,,, my hubby said I have to learn how to do the  paper works and do some ordering so that I know how the business works... Its fair enough!!! so  now I  go to work 3 times a week , my hubby is busy at the moment and at the same time all stressed out because one of the  in his machine is playing up.. so we have to call a mechanic to fix it quickly so my hubby can finish all his work..

While he is working downstairs I am upstairs being trained by  our secretary; she is patiently teaching me how to use MYOB and do paper works.. then after that I have to drive back home by around 4 pm to pick the kids from preschool , prepare dinner and do my motherly duties... Then when all things done and kids are off to bed.. then I squeeze some time to do my blogging.. So I guess I am not a SAHM anymore.. 


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