Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cleaning my entrance door

I am going to share more cleaning  tips .. I 'm not saying I am a neat freak!!! because I'm not .. I am not a Domestic Goddess too.. My Hubby would be happy if I am .. ha ha ha.... but I'm just a regular mom who cleans up and sometimes just laze around or( blog around )  Well sometimes I have to resist my blogging urge.. As if my Macoy ( my Mac's name ) is calling me... I have to finish my chores first as I say to myself ... 
I read a lot about anything like speed cleaning, getting organized,, and getting much needed tips to keep my life Sane!!!!!! 
Yes... and I try and test those tips and find out which one suits me and which is effective....

Well this weeks tip is Cleaning your Entrance 
The entrance of your house is very important to keep clean because this is the first thing that he visitor will see.. So get all your cleaning equipments ready .. I also have a basket ready so I can put all the things that does not belong to that place.. .. Its what they call Clutter basket..

Clear any cobwebs outside the front door... I use a long broom for this;  making sure every corner is clean..
Wipe the door  ,, then clean your door hardware  , making sure you're using an appropriate cleaner.. For Brass try using vinegar on a cloth,, wiping it properly to kill germs and wipe the hand markings off..
Shake you entrance mat;  water any plants , give it a trim and take away dead leaves..
Make your entrance look inviting ,, by placing some pot plants next to the door,, it will also be a good Feng Shui , or try to place a door mat which says WELCOME... there are cheeky door mats that I've seen but I guess having a WELCOME sign is far more better...  Once you've done that .. its your choice  continue inside or grab a cup of tea or coffee,relax and unwind at least you've done something  .. 
Watch out for more....


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