Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (Spring Time)

Spring Time and just when I thought that its getting nice and warmer ,, then the weather changed,, Its COLD again!!!! 16 degrees at the moment and the sky is overcast with few scattered showers....!! hummm do I sound like a Weather Girl???? ha ha ha.. anyways,, the kids are home , no preschool today but we went to playgroup this morning,, as usual when the kids are home ,, mess , mess and alot of mess,, just like the pics here.. O well, I'll deal with it later,,, its just a gloomy cold day today.. best time to slow down and relax with a cup of cofffee...
These are the few of my early Spring Flowers,,, My White Calla Lilies,, I love this flower!!! It gives me 10-12 flowers every forthnight... and my Bird of Paradise,, this flower last for more than 4 weeks... thats why I like it too... and there are some early Spring flowers that are starting to blossom,, cant help admiring them!!!! They are a very hardy plants even if I'm not a green thumb they thrive even with neglect...


  1. Hi ~ Beautiful flowers ~ Thanks for visiting my WW ~

  2. Elsewhere it's getting colder and you're having Spring. The flowers are beautiful, wish I have green fingers like you. :)

  3. nice shots of flowers in spring time! we don't have spring back here in the phils but it sure reminds me of new life and opportunities ahead, blossoming for a better future!