Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Setting up the Office.

Our business is settling well in to our new place.. Although there are still things to organize and arrange  in the new office; we are slowly and surely making some progress; making sure that the office will look professional. We’ve got a reasonable space to showcase a product.. My husband is contemplating on placing a plasma TV on the wall and he said it would be nice to have the best 5.25 inch in wall speakers ; that would set up the look of the showroom…. And I was thinking that it would be amazing and eye catching to have a focal point in the room… That is why the other day; we are looking for a TV and an in wall speaker too. Since we’ve got a blank wall it would be nice to have the TV and the speaker to be mounted on the wall. 

When we are out looking for a TV we thought of getting a 50 inch Plasma TV and get the 42 inch Plasma that we use at home and take that to work instead,, so that we can have the bigger TV. That solves our problem. So by next week they will deliver the TV to our place . . So the next project is the to have those great in wall home theatre speakers….. I'll keep you all updated and post the pics next time..


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