Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My VAIO is back!!! silver VAIO is back.. I had it fixed and reformat;; its been so sluggish and not performing well... Actually Sony VAIO fell short on my expectations!!!! It's been 2 1/2 year only and I always have a trouble with it... I always get a bug considering that I've got a Anti virus software.. It took me ages to download and it just a total disappointment..
I had it fixed and I it came back, I was totally lost with what to do with it.. I forgot to tell the guy not to delete all the programs ,, well it was too late so I don't have a photoshop anymore that is why I cannot even put a watermark on my pics... My sis from overseas got the disc I haven't bought a new Photoshop for Mac yet ,, its expensive so I have to wait for a little while...
So here is my baby silver,, that is why I just installed some educational games for my son so that he can use this instead.. Wondering why I dont want to use it??? Its because I switched to a MAC!!!!!!! and I'm LOVING it!!!!!!! This Ibook belongs to my teenage daughter and she is loving it too.. I'll post my gorgeous MAC next time....


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