Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Home Care for Seniors

I've got a friend whose father in law lives with them;;; her father in law has Alzheimer's Disease and he needs a constant  care and loving,, I admire her for doing all the things fro him ; considering that she's got 3 children and her youngest is only 6 months old.. I often ask her how she do it,, but she said she is used to it already,, and she has a genuine love for his father in law,, she said he was really good to her even before he had the disease. We talk about having a break for her probably  inquiring  a care like a homecare in Napa California , but she said her husband is not keen on putting him in someone else's care and it really doesn't bother her caring for him at all.. She said probably when the  time comes that he really need an intense care and she can no longer do it ; then they are open to the idea of a homecare... That is why I always commend her for doing such a good work...


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