Monday, September 1, 2008

Coffee Break Version 1.34

Coffee break by Jan...
You can feel the  christmas spirit on her site with matching Christmas carols,, thanks Jan....
BER months!!!!! and its SPRING TIME here in OZ!!!!! Happy Spring Time so I have to do spring cleaning and start planting!!!! Hay Its was such a beautiful day today,, Not too warm not too cold!!!! Kids can play on my backyard now ..
Humm, back to coffee break  WHat do I love most about Christmas!!!!
Syempre pa.. Chistmas Presents!!!!!! I love to give gifts to my loved ones!!! and I love to receive gifts from Joe my hubby because he is the most wonderful gift giver!! he gives me whatever I ask from him!!!!! he is very generous!!!! 
2010 Christmas we will be in the pHilippines hopefully.. so we can spend Christmas in Pinas!!!!
Well .. enjoy your days... Happy 1st of September everyone....

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