Monday, August 25, 2008

End of the Beijing Olympics

                         G    S     B      Total
1 China            51    21  28     100
2 USA              36  38  36      110
3 Russia          23   21  28      72
4 Britain         19   13  15        47
6 Australia      14  15   17       46

Well Done Australia!!! We ranked 6th on the medal tally .. Considering Australia have 20 million population only !!!
It was a 2week event that my hubby and I followed on, we usually watch the TV coverage at night and enjoyed every bit of it whenever Australia gets a medal.. We enjoyed together commenting or just having our own discussion about the games,, there are lots of controversy , criticism and praises about the Beijing Olympics.. But my hubby is so biased that he still believes that Sydney 200 Olympics was the best one.. 

He said that China might have spent too much ; the opening was spectacular but the there is still the lurking questions about human rights violations and the freedom . He's got the same sentiment as what's written in the news today...
Some Excerpt from Yahoo 7

Australian newspapers Monday hailed the Beijing Olympics as a magnificent sporting spectacle, but said that there was little hope for lasting political change in China from the "controlled" Games.
"For all the slogans of peace and harmony, for all the hopes that awarding Beijing the Olympics would somehow lead to more openness and respect for humans rights, China has failed to deliver," it said.
"On the other hand, many have seen too much organisation, robbing the event of a lively audience, the spontaneous adoption of unlikely crowd favourites, and the mingling of local people with spectators from overseas."
As the host country of the next Olympics, Britain chose its words carefully, with officials praising the way that Beijing organised the Games but staying silent on accusations from rights groups that pro-Tibet protests had been crushed by Chinese authorities.

The United States was still to comment after the closing ceremony, but on Saturday it showed signs of disappointment with the Chinese authorities as it urged Beijing to release eight American nationals detained after pro-Tibet protests during the Olympics.

"The US government encourages the government of China to demonstrate respect for human rights, including freedom of expression and freedom of religion of all people during the Olympic Games," said Susan Stevenson, the US embassy spokeswoman in Beijing.

"We are disappointed that China has not used the occasion of the Olympics to demonstrate greater tolerance and openness."

The American protesters were one of several small groups of foreign demonstrators detained during the Olympics for protesting about China's 57-year rule of Tibet, which has been under the spotlight this year.

Amnesty International accused the Chinese authorities of violating human rights by preventing protests during the Games and the group said the IOC had failed in its duty to hold the organisers to account.

"The Beijing Olympics have been a spectacular sporting event but they took place against a backdrop of human rights violations, with activists prevented from expressing their views peacefully and many in detention when they have committed no crime," said Roseann Rife, Amnesty International's Asia-Pacific deputy programme director.

"The Chinese authorities and the IOC had an opportunity to demonstrate human rights improvements but in most respects they failed to deliver. Forced evictions, detention of activists and restrictions on journalists should not blight another Olympics."


Steven August 25, 2008 at 3:33 PM  

Beijing, please move on. The next guy in line is London. I hope London can respect the minority rights and grant full autonomy to Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Gibraltar, Wales and Scotland. And this is from USA, the country who committed mass murder of native indians and completely wiped out many tribes in their entirety.

Free Hawaii !
Free Texas !!
Free Guantanamo Bay prisoners!!!

MT August 25, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

Many figured the IOC and the Chinese authorities would squeeze out the 'other' voices.

FUNNY though- that not ONE f*n' person in that entire arena had the humility and insight to take a moment to show a sign to the world; Maybe- "Where is Tankman?" Can you IMAGINE how many Chinese, Tibetans, etc... prayed and waited for a visitor to stand up and speak out? This was the chance for the touring party animals to grow up and show the voiceless that we are with them. Scary.

marikit August 28, 2008 at 10:04 PM  

in the absence of a filipino olympian winner.. we cheered for every aussie player! it was a good run.. :)

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