Friday, August 29, 2008

You can see right up your street

People eating out, moms walking their children home from school, unpacking groceries, people walking their dogs are among those captured by camera mounted Goggle cars.

Street View, its a new add on to Goggle maps, gives people too see streets on the internet as they're walking or driving.
The Street View was launch here in Australia a few weeks ago, and there are mixed reactions about it. I went to try it and to my astonishment I can see my neighbourhood , it was a good thing my car wasn't park out side but I can clearly see my driveway and my neighbours , I tried to look for our local primary school and there it was,,you can see it 360 degrees.. It was like "ohh thats where I live!!!" moment for me..
I live in western Sydney and for those who have never been to Westen Sydey who have stereotyped views of it as a a suburban wasteland , they will be surprised at how pleasant and well looked after most Westen Sydney streets are.. My suburb is a beautiful place to live in..
Or you can try and look at the Opera house or main streets in Sydney...
They said that Goggle went to great lenghts to safeguard privacy, such as using images only already visible from public roads and technology that blurred identifiable faces..
So try it and have a look at your place... It is also available in USA

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Litratong Pinoy (Ayaw ko! Reject)

Eto naman po ang ayaw ko... Ang makalat na kwarto ng aking mga anak!!!!!!

Ayaw ko kasi ako rin ang magliligpit nito!!!! Paminsan minsan magliligpit sila pero ang ligpit nila ay hindi masyadong maayos. Araw araw iyan ang aking gawain maglinis .. Yung unang kwarto ay sa aking anak na lalaki , yung pnagalawa ay sa aking 3 taon na babae at ang panghuli ay sa aking dalaga.. Hay naku balikan nyo na lang ulit ang aking blog pag nalinis ko an ang mga kwarto , promis post ko dito pag maayos na.. nakakahiya kasi ang kalat!!!! haha ha, maglilinis muna ako.

This is my entry for LP.. and this is what I reject or what I don't like!!! The mess in my children's rooms!!!  I hate it because I have to clean it!!! Sometimes the kids will attempt to clean their rooms but it's not how I wanted it clean. This is my everyday chore to clean up and tidy up. The first room is my boys room ; the second room is my 3 year old girl's room and the last room is my teenage girls room.. Just come back next time after I've finished cleaning up and I'll post it here when its clean.. It so embarrassing !!!  Got to go!!! Have to clean up the MESS!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

End of the Beijing Olympics

                         G    S     B      Total
1 China            51    21  28     100
2 USA              36  38  36      110
3 Russia          23   21  28      72
4 Britain         19   13  15        47
6 Australia      14  15   17       46

Well Done Australia!!! We ranked 6th on the medal tally .. Considering Australia have 20 million population only !!!
It was a 2week event that my hubby and I followed on, we usually watch the TV coverage at night and enjoyed every bit of it whenever Australia gets a medal.. We enjoyed together commenting or just having our own discussion about the games,, there are lots of controversy , criticism and praises about the Beijing Olympics.. But my hubby is so biased that he still believes that Sydney 200 Olympics was the best one.. 

He said that China might have spent too much ; the opening was spectacular but the there is still the lurking questions about human rights violations and the freedom . He's got the same sentiment as what's written in the news today...
Some Excerpt from Yahoo 7

Australian newspapers Monday hailed the Beijing Olympics as a magnificent sporting spectacle, but said that there was little hope for lasting political change in China from the "controlled" Games.
"For all the slogans of peace and harmony, for all the hopes that awarding Beijing the Olympics would somehow lead to more openness and respect for humans rights, China has failed to deliver," it said.
"On the other hand, many have seen too much organisation, robbing the event of a lively audience, the spontaneous adoption of unlikely crowd favourites, and the mingling of local people with spectators from overseas."
As the host country of the next Olympics, Britain chose its words carefully, with officials praising the way that Beijing organised the Games but staying silent on accusations from rights groups that pro-Tibet protests had been crushed by Chinese authorities.

The United States was still to comment after the closing ceremony, but on Saturday it showed signs of disappointment with the Chinese authorities as it urged Beijing to release eight American nationals detained after pro-Tibet protests during the Olympics.

"The US government encourages the government of China to demonstrate respect for human rights, including freedom of expression and freedom of religion of all people during the Olympic Games," said Susan Stevenson, the US embassy spokeswoman in Beijing.

"We are disappointed that China has not used the occasion of the Olympics to demonstrate greater tolerance and openness."

The American protesters were one of several small groups of foreign demonstrators detained during the Olympics for protesting about China's 57-year rule of Tibet, which has been under the spotlight this year.

Amnesty International accused the Chinese authorities of violating human rights by preventing protests during the Games and the group said the IOC had failed in its duty to hold the organisers to account.

"The Beijing Olympics have been a spectacular sporting event but they took place against a backdrop of human rights violations, with activists prevented from expressing their views peacefully and many in detention when they have committed no crime," said Roseann Rife, Amnesty International's Asia-Pacific deputy programme director.

"The Chinese authorities and the IOC had an opportunity to demonstrate human rights improvements but in most respects they failed to deliver. Forced evictions, detention of activists and restrictions on journalists should not blight another Olympics."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Litratong Pinoy (Mithi/ Wish)

Madalas maglaro ng kotse kotsehan ang aking asawa at anak na lalaki . At sa tuwing naglalaro sila ay panay ang paghanga ng aking asawa sa mga Matchbox na kotse ni Braiden, at iniisa isa  nyang pinagmamasdan ito,, at saka sya titingin sa akin at sasabihin na na ang kanyang minimithi ay naway balang araw ay makabili sya ng "Sports car' na katulad ng Porsche (kulay dilaw) o kaya naman Mustang Mach III  ( Kulay pula) .. at saka kami maglalaboy sakay ng aming magandang kotse.. Hay naku,,,, pangarap na bituin.... sanay matupad. kaya lang sa sobrang taas ng gasolina magastos ang kotse na ito...

Eto po ang kauna unahan lahok ko sa Litratong Pinoy,, salamat po sa inyo.. 

This is my first entry for Litratong Pinoy,,,
My Hubby and my son Braiden love to play cars , and every time they are playing with it; my hubby admires the Matchbox cars and he looks at it closely .One day he told me that he is wishing that someday we can buy sports cars like Porsche or Mustang Mach III and just go for a joy ride,,, How I wish it will come true,, but with the High petrol for sure it will be expensive to run this car.....

My New Camera

Yes... I purchased a new cam for me... It is Canon DSLR  450D Twin Lens Kit Black IS includes the EOS 450D Body, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens and the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS. I also bought a 50mm f/1.8 II

12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System
3.5 frames per second
3.0” LCD with Live View shooting
9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point
Picture Style image processing parameters
DIGIC III image processor
Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software1
Compact and Lightweight body
Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites

I am so happy with it .. although I have to call my sis JenL from the Philippines to ask her advice about a specific lens; and she gave me a valuable advice..
Now I have to read more and research so I can take lots of good photos...

I still have our Canon 300 which we bought 5 years ago before Braiden was born,,, after that digital camera was "in"  then we bought a 4.1 Sony Cybershot..then new technology again ,, so we bought a 8 megapixel  Olympus, but when my sis Jen came over with her 400D cam, we fell inlove with Canon again,, so this is our new baby.. Canon 450D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are moving our business

It's been a stressful month for my hubby and I..  We are moving our Benchtops business to a new factory.. We are moving to new and better place and my Hubby Joe is extremely overwhelmed with all the procedures to be done.. I fully understand him because he's got big machines that needed to be lifted out of the factory by a crane...

I was also busy packing away his office stuff and cleaning the new place, painting and cleaning the windows...I have to be there for Joe ; he needs all the support and help .. One thing that gets me irritated is that his secretary is useless,, too lazy to clean up and do a bit of effort.. I was there in the old office cleaning the fridge for her...and I have to dust everything so that it will be clean by the time we transfer the furniture and files.. 
Actually I rarely go to the office before, but Joe told me that I need to come in to work for 2-3 times a week now so that I can fully understand how to run this business and maybe I can do some of his secretary's work,, she is paid well but not very efficient.. She is good with her files but she doesn't do any physical work,, not even dust the table !!! My hubby said that he left a newspaper on the table just to see if she is going to throw it out.. HEY,, when I was there and cleaning up he showed me the paper and guess what ?? the date was DECEMBER 2007!!! There were even stuff in the fridge that was 3 years old!!!  So, I really need to help him out,, since the new office has a new carpet installed,, new paint and I had to clean all the toilets.... Well.. I'm not complaining about cleaning up.. Its just some people are too lazy to care or lend a hand...
I'll be there anyway to keep things on sight... This is our business Able Benchtops..
So if you want a new benchtops to be replaced , we can help... Australia based business..
Posting pic of my old kitchen and the new one,, which Joe did .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is from my sister JenL and she wanted us to spread the Blog Love!!!

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6. Spread the BLOG LOVE FEVER!!

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I am passing this to Cathy, Angel, Christine and Gerthy

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My New Look!!

To those who are commenting about the new look of my blog... It would not be possible without the help of my sister JenL.. She is very talented and always there to help me out... Thank you sis , she was the one who introduced me to the world of blogging....

She's got 5 sites so check them out

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Curious Joy wants to see....

This is my new Meme... and I am Curious JoyD

This is so cute and I want you to pass this to your friends...

Rules : 
1. Be Spontaneous and have fun!!!
2. Grab your camera and get your hand bag / bag and take out all the stuff 
       inside. Take a picture of all your stuff.. Everything... 
       Even the used tissue paper or candy wrapper.. or we might see something                                               amazing in your bag.!!
3.  List all the things ..
4. Make sure to link back to Aussietalks and leave your URL .
5. Pass this to your friends and tell them to link back..

These are the stuff that was in my bag.... My bag is a Kathy Van Zeeland bag
   Eclipse Mints, Mentos, Kitkat Mints, and Worms Jelly ( I always have mints because Braiden       loves them)
   The Wiggles CD   ( The kids love to listen to Wiggles while in the car)
   My Make up Kit   ( Essential stuff of course)
   My wallet ( Louis Vuitton  kuno.....)
   My Nokia Mobile 
   Pocket calculator  ( So while shopping I can calculate if I'm over the budget ,, ha ha ha)
   Antibacterial hand Gel
   Avon hand Cream
   Bianca's wiggles necklace and bracelet
   My Car keys
   My Ipod Nano  ( always in my bag,, handy if I'm waiting at the doctor's office)
  My hubbys calling card
  Receipt from grocery 
  My DG sunglasses
  Please make a comment and leave your URL when you're done and I'll add it here..
Thank you so much!!!

Leaf in DeForest by Lis
Me, Myself and I by Joanne
Uncomplicated by Wena

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog Award

Thank You to Jacqui for this blog award.... AS what the pic say Its nice to be Friends with you!!! 

Wising you all the best !!! passing this award to my blogger mates... Yums, Roselle and Catsy..

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