Monday, July 28, 2008

Stephanie Meyers' books

My daughter is into Stephanie Meyers' books...

She loves the books and keep on raving about it. It's sweeping throughout her School and they all loved it.. 
I visited Stephanie Meyers site and it is really a world wide success .. 
I just want to post one of the many reviews she's got:

From Becky Anderson, of Anderson's Bookshops: "What a totally amazing debut! Twilight is that rare story that combines suspense, desire, love and friendship with an awesome twist on the vampire genre! Both young adults and adults will be "sucked" into Edward's and Bella's world and beg for more, especially after they turn the last page. I can't wait for the next book!"

Micah read all her books already; her circle of friends just kept on passing the books to each other so everyone can have a turn.. So I bought her all the books so she can have it at home and keep on reading it again..
Twilight the Movie her first book will open in December 2008; and Micah is getting excited!!!


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