Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kind hearted man

Yesterday my hubby was telling me about a kind hearted man who helped him.

He was driving on the motorway, when he heard a loud bang.. so he pulled over the side of the road and to his shock his tire was smashed into  pieces,, the only thing left was the metal wheel.. He was so shocked and glad that he did not have an accident.. So there he was; trying to get the  jack under his car,, but he was having a hard time ,, 20 minutes past he still trying to get  it out ,, he was under the car when he heard a truck reversing,, he came out and to his surprise a Tire company truck driver was out to help him.. He asked my hubby if he needed help..
My husband was so pleased to see him and replied a big YES please!!! So this guy took out a big hydraulic jack and changed his wheel for him without a sweat.... He was quick ,, my hubby said. 
So after that; my hubby offered to pay him and gave him his business card, just in case needs help with a kitchen benchtops,, my hubby will "look after him".. 
There are still people who are willing to lend a hand,, and that guy was a big help.. hubby doesn't have to call a Motor assistance... 


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