Monday, July 21, 2008

End of Big Brother Show

What people are talking about here in Oz...

Big Brother's demise marks the end of an era for Australian TV.After eight years, 1,316 episodes, more than 100 housemates, and a number of controversies, Network Ten announced last week it was canning the reality TV program after its finale on Monday. 
Three people left for the last show on Monday , one housemate is a 52 year old grandmother , competing with 2 adrenalin pumped young males.

I used to watched the 1st BB and the 3rd BB, not an avid fan though, watched some episodes of it.. I used to watch the BB 6 because my hubby's cousin was in the Big Brother house, he was a well loved housemate but ended up as the final 3..
And now they announced that this will be the last BB, couldn't care less.. It was just full of shit and non sense. People just get bored of it and the rating is not picking up ,, they even have a million dollar money prize but still it didn't go well in the ratings..
I remember watching he 1st BB it was quite new to us and people are curious about the bruhaha  of it all. there was even a Late night BB where you can see everything and anything uncensored, it was just too much and that show was axed for censorship.
Well.. I wont miss the show, we have Foxtel anyway so we only watch cable shows and we have the liberty of browsing through all the shows that interest my hubby and I..


Outback-Pinay July 24, 2008 at 10:55 AM  

yeah..they end it na. Sawa na yata yung mga tao but I still watch this every now and then nung nasa tv pa. Lols.. hehehhe

Gusto ko yung australian idol sis.. Anyway, just popping in here and reading some of your posts :-) You enjoy your day and Take care.

Visit me if you have time soon :-)

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