Thursday, July 31, 2008

Micah's Birthday

It's my Daughter's 14th Birthday!!!! happy birthday my dear ..
Please check my site whenmomtalks to see more pics and read the post about her birthday.

Kind hearted man

Yesterday my hubby was telling me about a kind hearted man who helped him.

He was driving on the motorway, when he heard a loud bang.. so he pulled over the side of the road and to his shock his tire was smashed into  pieces,, the only thing left was the metal wheel.. He was so shocked and glad that he did not have an accident.. So there he was; trying to get the  jack under his car,, but he was having a hard time ,, 20 minutes past he still trying to get  it out ,, he was under the car when he heard a truck reversing,, he came out and to his surprise a Tire company truck driver was out to help him.. He asked my hubby if he needed help..
My husband was so pleased to see him and replied a big YES please!!! So this guy took out a big hydraulic jack and changed his wheel for him without a sweat.... He was quick ,, my hubby said. 
So after that; my hubby offered to pay him and gave him his business card, just in case needs help with a kitchen benchtops,, my hubby will "look after him".. 
There are still people who are willing to lend a hand,, and that guy was a big help.. hubby doesn't have to call a Motor assistance... 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gordon Ramsay nearly drowns after 85-metre cliff fall

Ohh MY.... My favorite celebrity Chef!!! I'm a big fan of him,, and I always write post about him... That is why when he came here in Oz for a Food and Wine show,, I dragged my hubby so I can see him... Good thing he is safe...

GORDON Ramsay slipped off a cliff, landing in freezing cold water and nearly drowned while filming his latest TV series.

The foul-mouthed TV chef, 41, nearly came a cropper as he clambered down an 85 metre ( 280ft) drop while filming his new The F Word series off Iceland.

Ramsay, who was hunting puffins in Iceland's Westman Islands, landed in a creek but was weighed down by his heavy boots and could not get to the surface.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I thought I was a goner.

"They say cats have nine lives. I've had 12 already and I don't know how many more I'll have.

"I remember thinking, 'Oh f***. My boots and my waterproofs were dragging me down.

"I'm an extremely good swimmer, but I couldn't get to the surface. I was panicking and my lungs were filling with water.

"When I got to the top after getting my boots off I was dazed and my head was totally numb."

Ramsay's TV crew, who became concerned after he failed to surface for 45 seconds, threw him a rope and towed him to safety.

The father of four was treated at his hotel for a cut on his leg and later had a check-up at London's Cromwell Hospital.

Gordon also had to face his furious wife Tana, 33. He admitted: "I didn't tell her at first.

"I chickened out but she knew something was up. She was upset and extremely pissed off. When I was underwater all I could think of was Tana and my kids. It wasn't until I was on the plane home I realised what a close call I'd had."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Starbucks is closing here in Oz..

Humm.. Starbucks will close... Well.. I never like their coffee anyway.. Last week when my Hubby and I went there for a coffee,, I think it was an awful taste, and Joe's iced coffee tasted like iced water with a tiny hint of coffee.. yukk..

Might as well drink in our local cafe,, good service and love you own community....

International coffee chain Starbucks will close 61 Australian stores within days, shedding 685 jobs as part of a strategy to slash underperforming outlets and boost profits.

Twenty-three stores will remain open in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and surrounding areas after the closures this Sunday, an official statement from the company said.

Starbucks opened its first Australian store in Sydney's Hyde Park in July 2000.

It currently has 85 outlets nationally, including in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, South Australia and Tasmania.

The announcement follows the decision by Starbucks last month to close 600 company-operated stores in the US, costing up to 12,000 jobs.

The company blamed poor real estate decisions, coupled with the troubled economy, for the US closures.

The company said the 61 locations to be closed in Australia were underperforming.

Starbucks' international boss, Howard Schultz, ruled out closing other stores internationally.

Starbucks operates more than 15,000 coffee shops around the world.

"We are well into the implementation phase of transforming Starbucks and we believe that this difficult, yet necessary, decision to close stores in Australia will help support the continued growth of our international business," he said in a statement.

"While this decision represents business challenges unique to the Australian market, it in no way reflects the strong state of Starbucks business in countries outside of the United States," he said.

"There are no other international markets that need to be addressed in this manner.

"We appreciate the exceptional service our partners in Australia have consistently delivered.

"We are thankful and proud of the contributions our partners make every day and we are committed to treating all of our partners with respect and dignity."

A list of affected stores will be published by July 31, after all the employees are informed.

As part of the restructuring, Starbucks Australia store development manager Jason Ball will become managing director from September 1.
  from Yahoo 7

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stephanie Meyers' books

My daughter is into Stephanie Meyers' books...

She loves the books and keep on raving about it. It's sweeping throughout her School and they all loved it.. 
I visited Stephanie Meyers site and it is really a world wide success .. 
I just want to post one of the many reviews she's got:

From Becky Anderson, of Anderson's Bookshops: "What a totally amazing debut! Twilight is that rare story that combines suspense, desire, love and friendship with an awesome twist on the vampire genre! Both young adults and adults will be "sucked" into Edward's and Bella's world and beg for more, especially after they turn the last page. I can't wait for the next book!"

Micah read all her books already; her circle of friends just kept on passing the books to each other so everyone can have a turn.. So I bought her all the books so she can have it at home and keep on reading it again..
Twilight the Movie her first book will open in December 2008; and Micah is getting excited!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Qantas plane corroded before blast!!

The Qantas plane forced to make an emergency landing in the Philippines after a massive hole opened up in its fuselage had been plagued by a history of corrosion.

News Limited reports that engineers discovered a large amount of corrosion in the Qantas jumbo during a major refurbishment earlier this year.

The 17-year-old Boeing 747-400, registration VH-OJK, received a new interior at Victoria's Avalon Airport in March.

Aviation sources said aircraft engineers had noted a "lot" of corrosion during the refit, the report said.

QF Flight 30 from London to Melbourne had left Hong Kong airport on Friday after a stopover at 9am local time, (11am AEST), when an explosion ripped through the plane's underside.

Some of the 346 passengers aboard told of how debris flew through the cabin and oxygen masks dropped down.

The crew brought the plane down to 10,000 feet and requested an emergency landing in Manila, where emergency crews were on hand when it touched down safely.

Qantas said it had arranged for a replacement plane to fly to Manila to collect the passengers return them immediately to Melbourne .

The replacement Boeing 747 was expected to leave the Philippines capital shortly after 11pm local time (0100 AEST Saturday), to arrive in Melbourne early Saturday morning (AEST).
Yahoo 7

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gladiator Shoes

Wow.. Sexy shoes!!!! Since its still winter here... we are mostly wearing boots or sneakers.. so I still have to wait for the weather to warm up to enjoy these very appealing shoes...

Although most of the shops are already changing their display and started putting spring clothes on display,, it is still cold to wear the pcoming fashion.... 
Can't wait for summer,, ahh for sure everyone will be wearing Gladiator shoes.... I remember watching Sex and the city and Carrie was wearing a nice high heeled galadiator shoes...   Russell Crowe will be proud about the trend,,,, well,, for your info he was the star of Gladiator Movie...
well.. for those who are in US,, or other parts of the world. share with me your love for this shoe...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feeding the Birds

My sister JennyL animate these photos of me while feeding the birds at Kiama when we went there to visit the place. View my sister's feeding the birds pictures too.

Image Hosted by

Thank You SiS..... Go and check her site too....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big Brother Winner is a Grandma!!!

As I mentioned before on my last post that I do not watch this show,, Just sharing the First Old Contestant who won the Big Brother Show..

After eight years, 146 housemates and numerous controversies, reality TV show Big Brother has come to an end with the competition's oldest contestant taking out the title.

Grandmother Terri beat bricklayer Rory, 22, and law student Ben, 19, to win the final series of the Network Ten program and $250,000 cash.

The 52-year-old  Granny said she was shocked and burst into tears.

"I just cannot thank you enough," Terri said when her name was announced.

"That an older woman like me could have done this is absolutely astounding."

Terri, who was not well-liked by the other housemates in the beginning, described her first two weeks in the house as an "absolute nightmare".

She went on to become the favourite in the end.

Terri said she felt sad that runner-up Rory, who was known for running around the girls in the house wearing a G-string, didn't win any of the cash.

After 85 days of being locked in the Big Brother compound the final three contestants were shown news footage of what had been happening in the outside world including skyrocketing petrol prices, sports results and Jane McGrath's death - which brought Terri to tears.

Big Brother producers announced last week that this series would be the last.

It came after poor ratings and criticism of new hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

Producer Endemol Southern Star believes the format could be revived.

The Nine Network has signalled it may look into taking it on but in a very different format.

Over the past eight years Big Brother has received its fair share of criticism and has witnessed a number of controversies.

In 2006, then-prime minister John Howard called for the show to be dumped after the infamous "turkey slap" incident in which a female housemate was pinned down while two males rubbed their crotch in her face.

In 2005, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) found the show had breached its code on two occasions.   Yahoo 7

GOOD ON HER!!!!!! and Bye Bye Big Brother...

Monday, July 21, 2008

End of Big Brother Show

What people are talking about here in Oz...

Big Brother's demise marks the end of an era for Australian TV.After eight years, 1,316 episodes, more than 100 housemates, and a number of controversies, Network Ten announced last week it was canning the reality TV program after its finale on Monday. 
Three people left for the last show on Monday , one housemate is a 52 year old grandmother , competing with 2 adrenalin pumped young males.

I used to watched the 1st BB and the 3rd BB, not an avid fan though, watched some episodes of it.. I used to watch the BB 6 because my hubby's cousin was in the Big Brother house, he was a well loved housemate but ended up as the final 3..
And now they announced that this will be the last BB, couldn't care less.. It was just full of shit and non sense. People just get bored of it and the rating is not picking up ,, they even have a million dollar money prize but still it didn't go well in the ratings..
I remember watching he 1st BB it was quite new to us and people are curious about the bruhaha  of it all. there was even a Late night BB where you can see everything and anything uncensored, it was just too much and that show was axed for censorship.
Well.. I wont miss the show, we have Foxtel anyway so we only watch cable shows and we have the liberty of browsing through all the shows that interest my hubby and I..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final Mass of WYD 08

It was a lazy winter day with an afternoon rain here in Oz...

We decided not go out today ,, since we took the kids to disney on Ice yesterday.. Just stayed home and watched the Final Mass of the World Youth Day ,, It was good watching it and seeing the sea of people flocked at Randwick Race course in Sydney..
I vaguely remember the World Youth Day in Manila January 1995. Although I wasn't able to attend it,, It was a good feeling and proud for all Filipinos.. It was around 4 million people who attended it... and now having witness the influx of Catholics here in Australia is such a good feeling too, The estimated attendance was 500,00 the largest crowd ever assembled in Australia.. As you know that Australia is a multicultural country with people in different faith and religion , the crowd aside from the pilgrims from other countries is a  great indication of their Catholic faith is still alive and something to be proud of. 
It was good seeing the young people  enrich their Catholic faith and renew their spirits.. 
The next WYD will be on 2011 to be held in Madrid, Spain..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pope toured Central Sydney

Pope Benedict XVI has toured Sydney's streets in his popemobile after leading a service for 150,000 World Youth Day pilgrims.

Crowds were 50-deep in places along the route, packing footpaths and spilling into side streets.

The flashes of thousands of cameras highlighted the Pope and his procession as it wound through the city during what would normally be peak-hour traffic.

Held back by metal barricades and police, crowds cheered and waved flags as the Popemobile drove past, lit to clearly display the pontiff.

He smiled and waved at the crowds, blessing the pilgrims as he went.

His arrival at St Mary's Cathedral at about 5.45pm (AEST) capped a long day for the 81-year-old, who had celebrated a private mass before his official welcome at 9am (AEST).
An estimated crowd of some 150,000 pilgrims from more than 170 nations then gave the 81-year-old Pope a rock star greeting, befitting the World Youth Day nickname of the "Catholic Woodstock".

It was a sight never seen before in Australia in the name of religion.
The Pope said it was a delight to greet the pilgrims "on the shores of magnificent Sydney harbour with its famous bridge and Opera House".He offered a welcome to the Catholics and Christians in the crowd, and offered encouragement to those "hovering on the edge" of church life, and support for those not present who may be struggling on the margins of society.The Pope said the "social environment" was also under threat, warning pilgrims against the scourge of drugs and alcohol abuse, against the exaltation of sex and violence, and moral relativism.

"Here to, in our personal lives and in our community, we can encounter a hostility, something dangerous, a position which threatens to corrode what is good, reshape who we are and distort the purpose for which we have been created," he said.

He warned that secularism, the belief that God should be left on the sidelines, sought to impose its own world view.

"If God is irrelevant to public life then society will be shaped in a godless image and debate and policy concerning the public good will be driven more by consequences than by principles grounded in truth," he said.

After reading the homily, he addressed the tens of thousands of pilgrims in several languages, including Spanish and French, as they cheered and waved their national flags. from Yahoo 7 News

Monday, July 14, 2008

Coffee Award

I love Coffee..

Thank you to Mommy Allehs for the Coffee award....

I really need a strong cup of coffee to keep me going ,,,  Staying up late to roam around my fellow bloggers site..
I pass this award to all bloggers who are interested to snag this!!!

thank you ,, feel free to get it...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pope Benedict arrived in Sydney

Pope Benedict XVI has touched down in Sydney ahead of World Youth Day (WYD) celebrations, shaking hands with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as he was welcomed to Australia for the first time.

Dressed in his customary white robes and red shoes, the 81-year-old Pontiff was applauded as he stepped onto the tarmac at Richmond RAAF base, on Sydney's north-western outskirts, shortly after the plane landed at 3pm (AEST).

Smiling warmly, Pope Benedict extended both hands to Mr Rudd and the pair exchanged greetings.

He was then welcomed by a representative of the office of the Governor General, before shaking hands with NSW Premier Morris Iemma and other officials.

The leader of the Catholic Church in Australia, Sydney Archbishop George Pell, kissed the Pope's ring and shook his hand before other church leaders followed suit, some genuflecting.

After the low-key welcome, the Pontiff was briefly ushered inside a building at the RAAF base, flanked by Mr Rudd, for what commentators described as a "meet and greet" session with members of the clergy.

His motorcade, including ambulances, buses and police cars, left the base just before 3.30pm, bound for an Opus Dei-run study centre at Kenthurst.

He will spend four nights at the tightly-guarded centre, where he is expected to play the piano and relax before officially joining the WYD program in a spectacular "Boat-a-cade" on Sydney Harbour on Thursday.

The Boeing 777 carrying the Pope had earlier refuelled in Darwin, and reportedly circled Dubbo, in central western NSW, to allow it to land at Richmond on schedule.

The Alitalia plane, which displayed the Australian flag and the Papal flag, also carried Vatican officials, the Pope's security detail and 44 reporters.
Yahoo 7 news

Saturday, July 12, 2008

World Youth Day

World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest youth event in the world and will be held in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008.

WYD is a week-long series of events attended by the Pope and hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the globe. It has become the largest single mobilisation of young people in the world.

The week culminates in a Final Mass celebrated by the Pope on the last day (the actual World Youth Day). Typically, it is the largest event of the week and, overseas, has drawn millions of people.
World Youth Day is celebrated annually on the diocesan level, and every two or three years internationally with young people from every continent and nation gathering together with the pope. It is characterized by the happiness of young adults being with the Pope and with each other. The next international celebration is in Sydney, Australia, for the XXIII World Youth Day in July 2008.

At WYD 2008, participants will experience the way life is lived in Australia and learn how Australian Catholics live their faith. Ask anyone who has been to a World Youth Day and they will tell you it is an adventure you will never forget! Come along with young people of every race and nation…dream a dream of peace and unity for a new world and make your contribution to the living Church of the new millennium.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Brother Australia

Pamela Anderson entered the Big brother house Australia.! The former Baywatch girl....
Pamela Anderson well and truly made an impact on Big Brother last night.
Pam hit the House, oiled up the chests of the BB boys and performed a very sexy photo shoot!

This is the latest news on TV shows..


Number one on my Wish List..

IPHONE 3 G... yes .. they just releases the new Iphone 3 G this Friday.

Phone, iPod, Internet and more.

Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.

You should watch the and be amazed on how awesome the IPhone works

My mobile contract  with  3 company has ended already that is why they sent me letter to upgrade my mobile to Nokia N series, I told my hubby that I wanted to upgrade and he replied,, don't you want an Iphone?  Oh YES!!!!!  so now that it has released the 3 G ,, my dear hubby if you're reading this You know what I want for my birthday in November.. you don't have to think about what to give me.... 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Bug Tag

Monday Bug Tag
Posted on Jul 07, 2008 under Tags |
From Yen.

Who Played; Daily Stories | Me and Mine |The Way of Life in Oz /

1. complete this phrase: “if only i could..
:: fly.. that would be fun...

2. did you get enough sleep last night?
:: No....

3. what were you doing before you slept last night?
:: Blogging

4. first thing you thought about this morning when you woke up?
:: have to get the kids ready early.

5. do u ever wonder why the sky is blue?
:: Yes,, I also wonder why the clouds are white he he

6.Did you ever try to skip meals?
:: Yes,, when I'm to busy,, shopping.....!!!

7. lights on or off?
:: Dim lights on.

9. are you afraid of the dark?
:: Sometimes

10. favorite hangout/s?
:: Not young anymore to hang out...

11. people you can’t live without?
:: Joe, and my kids

12. what are your plans for tonight?
:: Dinner out

13. favorite song when you’re sleepy?
:: Michael Buble's songs

14. Do you love someone, right now?
:: I love my Family...

15. are you a giver or a taker?
:: I Love to give.. But I love to receive especially from my hubby he loves to give me expensive , stylish stuff

16. if you could choose another name, what would it be?
:: I love the name Bella

18. last text message from?
:: from Micah my daughter

20. stuck on a desert island & could have only one KIND of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
:: Siopao whaaaa.. wala akong maisip na matinong sagot...

21. favorite tv commercial/s?
:: Bom chika wah wah....

22. if you were dead and your soul was given another chance, what would you do first?
:: Go back to my life again...

23. if you could choose your eye color,what color would you like to have?
::green but I've got a brown complexion,, I dont think it will suit me...

24. what are the things you always bring?
:: my bag, wallet

This is for all my blogmates feel free to snagged the tag...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

School Holidays

Its school holidays here in Oz.. I've got a teenager around and life is not easy with a whinging teenager.. She is asking for too much ,, a sleepover, go to a movie, shopping trip and friends... Hayyy.. we also have  my hubby's 9 year old niece around for the school holiday.

Its a good thing there is no break fro pre school , because I'm gonna go crazy if they're all here .
The small kids go to pre school 4 times a week, then Wednesday is playgroup..
Tomorrow, have to take Swana (niece) to watch Narnia 2 Prince Caspian, Micah is at friends place for a sleepover..
Last week we watched Kung Fu Panda, what an entertaining movie for kids.. Then shopping till we drop... 

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Christmas in July

Merry Christmas in July!!!!

Yes here in Australia we have a Christmas in July....!!
My children from preschool celebrated the event by having a christmas concert last week, singing Christmas carol and complete with christmas decor.
even when you go the shops you can see christmas decor announcing the event.
Hummmm.. but I never put decor at home during this time... 
Can't blame them ,, when we were at the snow last week , it's a good feeling experiencing a snow falling on our faces,, I said it just like a Winter wonderland ..... Merry Christmas ho ho ho.. while my kids singing Jingle bells ....

According to Wikipedia
Midwinter 'Christmas' or Yulefest is an unofficial Midwinter/Yuletide related celebration followed by mainly English/European families in Australia and New Zealand during the wintertime (which on the Southern Hemisphere falls into the June-July-August period). There is no official holiday and the date of observance varies from place to place and even family to family, though it is often around the time of the shortest day or winter solstice, which, in the southern hemisphere, is on the 21 June.
The Christmas in July celebration probably started in Australia in July, 1980 when a group of Irish tourists convinced the proprietor of a hotel in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to hold a party called "Yulefest". In Australia, Christmas in July is especially common as a marketing gimmick in the snowfields where the month of July coincides with the high season in the Australian skiing resorts, but Christmas in July as a marketing gimmick can also be found elsewhere in Australia.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Smile Bianca!!

As per request by my sister JenL here is Bianca's Pictures..

My little girl Bianca wasnt happy during that time...
It was too cold for her.. she cannot even smile for the camera..

We took her to the MILO club to learn ski, but she wasn't too keen of doing it.. But she can balance on the ski and go downwards for a bit..
O well, we will try again next year...

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